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History of the School Seal (Reprinted from the Smoke Signal, November, 1957)

This version of the school seal appeared at one time with nine links

Henry C. Conrad High School Timeline
- 1934
  • An aerial view from the mid-1930s showing the vacant lots surrounding the Conrad school site.
  • A 1934 newspaper ad indicating "...choice of select sites..." and "...ideal location to erect your home..."
1934 - 1935
  • The cornerstone was laid in 1934
  • Original structure cost $400,000
1935 - 1936

Two newspaper articles from August 4, 1935, about the opening of the NEW HENRY C. CONRAD HIGH SCHOOL.

  • Henry C. Conrad High School doors open for the first time for students in classes seventh through twelfth grades, September, 1935.
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  • Mr. Clarence W. Cummings is Principal.
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  • Enrollment was 400 students and 28 faculty.
  • First senior class of 42 seniors graduates.
1936 - 1937
  • Second senior class of 90 students graduates.
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  • 1st Conradian Yearbook published with three issues a year.
1937 - 1938    
1938 - 1939
  • First graduating class to attend Conrad all four years.
  • Miss Jean Albers, a member of the Class of 1939, later returns as the school nurse, 1952-1968.
  • Miss Mildred Morrison a member of the Class of 1939, later returns as a Spanish teacher
1939 - 1940    
1940 - 1941    
1941 - 1942
  • US enters WW II.
  • Four Conrad staff, including the school nurse are called into service.
  • Senator Robert A. Taft, son of the former U.S. President, addressed the Lions Club at Conrad.
1942 - 1943
  • A Conrad "News Letter" is published for the first time with five issues per year. One issue was sent to 130 Conradians in the service.
  • The Conradian Yearbook reduced to one issue due to expense and war efforts.
  • The Conradian Yearbook lists 274 Alumni and staff serving in the military.
  • Julia Taylor, Class of 1943, relates in the 1943 Conradian:
    "Conrad In the Shadow of War"

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  • William Edwin Hairsine, Class of 1940, first Alumni war casualty.
1943 - 1944
  • 14 staff/teachers listed as members in the military.
  • Due to the lack of state funding, all 10th, 11th and 12th grade students from the Delaware City Public School are transferred to Conrad High School.
  • In world news, it was announced that Pvt. Richard Mootz, Class of 1943, was one of the two Military Police who discovered the gold and valuable art pieces in the Nazi German salt mines.
1944 - 1945
  • Miss E. Rebecca Hobson, English teacher and sponsor of the Conrad News Letter, received a letter of gratitude from General Eisenhower.
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  • Eight Conradians listed as Missing in Action or POW's.
  • Twelve Conradians listed as war casualties.
1945 - 1946
  • First Senior Odd Day.
  • Mr. Lamont DuPont, a Wilmington Clippers (Football) sponsor, installed floodlights on the football field for their night practice.
  • The Student Council Constitution approved.
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1946 - 1947
  • Future Conrad Biology teacher, Mr. Jesse (Malin) Malinowski graduates.
  • First female student, Ruth Mayhew, elected senior class president.
1947 - 1948
  • Mr. Robert Peoples, future Conrad Agriculture teacher, graduates
1948 - 1949
  • Future Conrad Science Teacher, Mr. Edward (Malin) Malinowski graduates.
1949 - 1950
  • The Conradian newsletter Papoose is published for the first time, November, 1949 only to end in June, 1950
1950 - 1951
  • First edition of the school newspaper "Smoke Signal" is published October 19, 1950.
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1951 - 1952
  • Mr. C. Richard George, Band Director, formed the 20-Girl Flag-Twirlers Corps
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1952 - 1953
  • Ground is broken for the new auditorium wing addition.
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1953 - 1954    
1954 - 1955
  • The new auditorium and class room wing is dedicated.
  • Nursing, Chemistry and German II added to the curriculum.
  • Seventh grade students attend schools in their respective districts.
  • Bleachers constructed on the visitors' side of the football field.
  • Plans for a 2nd new wing introduced to the school board.
1955 - 1956
  • Mr. Darrell Long assumes the new position of Assistant Principal.
  • Eighth grade students attend schools in their respective districts.
  • Mr. Clarence W. Cummings retires as Conrad principal, 1935 - 1956.
  • To honor of Mr. Cummings, the new auditorium is named "Cummings Auditorium".
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1956 - 1957
  • Mr. Darrell Long assumes position of Principal.
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  • Mr. Trafton T. Buchanan assumes position of Assistant Principal.
  • Ninth grade students attend schools in their respective districts.
  • Conrad becomes a high school for 10th, 11th and 12th grades.
  • The Student Council introduced "Tie Day". Boys wore ties and jackets, girls wore nylons.
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1957 - 1958
  • Plans for the new John Dickinson High School were introduced with a scheduled opening for fall of 1960. It will have a capacity for 1,200 students.
  • The Sock & Buskin Club and the Music Department go all-out in performing Lerner & Lowes' "Brigadoon". Broadway's Mr. James Jamison served as director of choreography.
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1958 - 1959
  • Conrad's enrollment reached 1200 students and 61 teachers.
  • To reduce overcrowding, "Overlapping Sessions" were introduced. 11th and 12th grade classes were 8am to 1pm. 10th grade classes were 11am to 4pm. The State Board of Education waived the required 7-class day schedule to allow a 6-class day schedule. Also waived was the requirement to attend Physical Education class (Gym).
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  • The Conrad Marching Band was the largest in history.
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  • After the USSR launched the first artificial earth satellite in 1957, Sputnik, interest in electronics and communications grew among the students. A Radio-Electronics Club was then formed under the guadence of Mr. Jeffrey.
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1959 - 1960
  • To further reduce overcrowding, "Split Sessions" were introduced. 11th and 12th grade classes were 7:20am to 12:05 and 10th grade classes were 12:15pm to 5:00pm.
  • Mr. Trafton Buchanan is appointed Assistant Principal for the morning session.
  • Mr. William Troutman is appointed Assistant Principal for the afternoon session.
  • Mr. David Casto replaces Mr. C. Richard George as Music Director. Mr. George transfers to administration.
  • The Class of 1960 was the largest to date.
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1960 - 1961
  • Conrad High School celebrates its "Silver Anniversary".
  • John Dickinson High School opens
  • The "Split Sessions" are over and the schedule returns to the normal 7-class day.
  • Assistant Principal William M. Troutman takes over the leadership as Principal.
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  • John J. Lacek is appointed Administrative Principal.
  • Mr. Darrell Long is appointed as the Chief School Officer for the district.
  • Mr. Trafton Buchanan is assigned Principal of the new John Dickinson High School.
1961 - 1962
  • Construction begins on the new left-wing of the school which will include a new gymnasium. Completion date is set for the fall of 1962.
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1962 - 1963
  • Mr. Lacek, as Lieutenant Colonel Lacek in the reserved military, is called to active duty during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • The school newspaper, Smoke Signal, not published this year.
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1963 - 1964
  • Mr. Lacek is appointed Principal.
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  • Mr. George is appointed Assistant Superintendent.
  • Mr. Earl Smith becomes the new Assistant Principal.
  • The new gymnasium wing is completed. The old Gym is transformed into a new library.
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1964 - 1965    
1965 - 1966
  • Mr. Smith becomes the new Principal.
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  • Mr. Jay Hinnerscheetz is appointed to Assistant Principal.
1966 - 1967
  • The first indication of the Conrad "Redskin" design eradication surfaces.
  • The passing of Mr. Clarence W. Cummings (1888-1966) is noted. Mr. Cummings was Conrad's first Principal, 1935-1956.
1967 - 1968
  • The Conrad Band participated in the VietNam War Troop Support Parade in Wilmington, Oct. 1967.
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1968 - 1969
  • Miss C. Louise Jackson announces her retirement, 1935-1969.
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  • Jean Albers, Conrad Class of 1939 and Conrad School Nurse 1952-1968, passes away.
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1969 - 1970    
1970 - 1971    
1971 - 1972    
1972 - 1973
  • The Conradian Yearbook uses color photos for the first time.
  • The Conrad Marching Band participates in President Nixon's Inauguration parade.
1973 - 1974
  • Teachers strike and walk picket line over contract dispute.
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  • Mr. Matthew Sullivan announces his retirement.
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1974 - 1975    
1975 - 1976    
1976 - 1977
  • October 12, 1976, fire broke out in several classrooms.
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1977 - 1978
  • A U.S. District Judge ordered all New Castle County Schools to desegregate. After 43 years as a high school, Henry C. Conrad High School will become a middle school in September, 1978.
  • Students protest against desegregation order.
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1978 - 2005
  • Henry C. Conrad High School officially becomes Conrad Middle School.
  • All of the high school teachers either retired, transferred to the Wilmington High School or accepted other school assignments.
  • All references to the "Redskin" design and name are eliminated. The parade banner, band and corps uniforms and all other remaining symbols, signs, logos, flags and printed material were eliminated. Years later, some of the original school identification returned.
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2005 - 2007
  • Following approval, Conrad School building is closed for renovations and other capital improvements .
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2007 - 2008
  • Henry C. Conrad High School returns as the Henry C. Conrad Schools of Science. A curriculum focused in the areas of biotechnology and allied health will serve students from sixth through twelfth grade. The first graduating class since 1978 will occur in 2010-2011 school year.
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2008 - 2009
  • Homecoming Day celebrations returned after an absence of 30 years - 10/25/2008.
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2010 - 2011
  • During the 3rd Homecoming Day celebration (10/30/2010), the opening of the new Conrad History Room took lace. Former teacher & coach, Mr. Jesse Malin, had the honor of cutting the ribbon.
  • The first graduation class, not seen in over 30 years, will take place.
  • The Red Clay Consolidated School District prepares for the Henry C. Conrad High School building's 75th Diamond Anniversary, 1935-1936 to 2010-2011.


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