Conradians who served in the U. S. Military
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Edward J. Abbott, Class of 1965 - U.S. Air Force, 1966-1970  
John L. Abbott, Class of 1970 - U.S. Army, 1972-1974  
Joseph Abbott, Class of 1957 - U.S. Air Force, 1957-1961  
Tom Abbott, Class of 1961 - US Army, 1961-1964  
James A. "Jimmy" "Dutch" Alexander, Class of 62 - US Navy, 1962-1964, USS Wasp.  
Douglas Allston, Class of 1964 - US Army 1969 to 1989 - Retired LTC -
Airborne Infantry, Adjutant General, ORSA / ADP. Vietnam March 1970-1971.
MACCORDS Advisory Team 89 and 1st Calvary Division - Commanded HE and HA Psychological Warfare Teams. Had 21 different jobs in 20 years and moved 16 times - Served at every level of the Army from Platoon to the Army Staff and Office of Secretary of Defense. Two tours at the Pentagon.
James E. baldwin, Class of 1959 - US Army, Korea  
Carolyn (Barnes) Brown Burgess, Class of 1964 - US Naval Reserves, Military Sealift Command, 8 Years  
Linda J. Barry, Class of 1978 - Data pending  
Jeff Benoit, Class of 1966 - UA Army, Vietnam 67-68, 9th infantry. Served in Mekong Delta during Tet Offensive. Came home to Ft. Meade Md. to finish out his 2 years and patrolled Washington DC during the riots and civil unrest.  
Wayne Boyer, Class of 1964 - Naval Security Group, NAS Kamiseya, Japan, 1964-1967 also retired Senior Chief, Seabees, 1973 through 2000.  
Cornelius Frances "Frank" Breslin, Class of 1960 - US Air Force, 1960 - ?  
Jerry Brown, Class of 1967 - USN  
Ronald King Brown, Class of 1958 - ROTC at UD,
US Army 1962 - 1967 (Captain)
Leon Brzozowski, Class of 1964 - DE National Guard (68-72) - finished as E-5 - served Aug. 68 - Aug. 69 during riots in Wilmington  
Jim Buckland, Class of 1968 - US Air Force, four years and three months, including two tours in Viet Nam.
I arrived in Viet Nam 2 Feb 1970 and departed 01 Feb 1971. Following a thirty day leave in the US, I volunteered to return to Viet Nam and arrived 3 Mar 1971. Eight months into my second tour, November 1971, I was transferred to the hospital in Wiesbaden, West Germany. I took a discharge in Germany in December 1972 and remained in Germany as a civilian until June 1973. In Viet Nam I served both tours with the 834th Air Division, 377th Combat Support Group as an Air Mobility Ops tech. I arrived as an Airman First Class and left as a Staff Sargent. I was assigned to the Airlift Control Element (ALCE) and the mobile Transportable Airlift Control Element (TALCE) with the the USAF Combat Control Teams.
Raymond "Chick" Bullen, Class of 1950 - USMC Korean War  
Robert Burgess,  Class of 1964 - USMC, 1965-1969 - Pendleton, Okinawa, Japan.  
Ginny Burt, Bob, My ex husband was stationed at Fort Riley from 1977-1980. My son was born there  
Joseph W. Cain, Jr. (Woody), Class of 1958 - USNR Served aboard USS Galveston, CLG3, 1958 to 1960.  
Bruce T. Caldwell, Class of 1966 - I served in the Delaware Air National Guard, 142nd AES as a Medical Service Specialist (Aero Medical Evacuation) AFSC: A90250, from 1966-1972. I enlisted under the buddy plan with the late Charles (Chuck) Skinner II (Class of ’66). I flew TDY missions as a Medic in Europe stationed at Rhein-Main, Germany caring for and air lifting patients throughout Europe including: Turkey; Greece; Italy; Crete; and several other countries; as well as live CONUS missions from McGuire AFB, NJ during my training. I volunteered for active duty during the Tet offensive 1968 Vietnam caring for the critically ill and seriously wounded on missions from Yakota AFB, Japan to Elmendorf AFB, Alaska on Air Force C141A aircraft (Chuck Skinner also volunteered during this time). Presently (2012), I’m a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (Dept. of Homeland Security).  
Richard Capuano, Class of 1965 - US Army /Vietnam 1968 & 1969  
Charles Carter, Class of 1969 - Naval Advisory Group, Vietnam
River Patrol Group, Assault Craft, G2 Unit, One Coranado, California, 1969 to 1973.
Jim Chilcutt, Class of 1964 - US Navy 1968 - 1972  
John "Joe" Chlebowski, Class of 1963 - I enlisted in the Navy in late 1965 and served 2 years aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal (CVA 59) and left active duty as a Disbursing Clerk, Petty Officer 2nd Class. Saw service in "the Med", Caribbean and a Westpac cruise in 1967.  
Joseph P. Clancy, Class of 1952 - USMC  
Ron Clough, Class of 1966 - I served in the U.S. Navy from 1968 until 1972 and achieved the rank of Aviation Electronics Technician, Second Class.  
Michael G. Conway, Class of 1972 - served 3 1/2 years in the US Navy on the USS Pargo submarine (1973-1976), served with the Navy Seabees 2 years (1980-1982) and the US Army with the National Guard 26 years from 1985 to retire as Lt. Colonel in July, 2012  
Donna M. (Cote) Bradford, Class of 78 - US Army, Military Police Corps. 1983-2003  
Paul Croney, Class of 1970 - US Navy  
William (Bill) Denning, Class of 1972 - US Air Force, Stationed in Lancashire, England  
Michael Denning, Class of 1972 - US Navy, USS Compte de Grasse stationed in Persian Gulf.  
Richard Woody Dierolf, Sr, Class of 1967 - US Army, 1968-1969.  Stationed in Germany, 3rd Armour Div ( spearhead).  
Frank DiMatteo, Class of 1964 - US Army - October 65 - October 68 - Basic (Ft. Gordon) - AIT (Infantry)(Ft. Dix). Vietnam - 11/66-11/67 - traveled to RVN by ship (USS Gen. Daniel Sulton) as past of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade - finished duty back at Ft. Dix, NJ.  
Vickie Dolson Carter, Class of 1977 - Proudly served my country - U. S. Navy 1981 - 1986, USN Reserves 1986 -1989, U.S Navy 1989 - 2004
Retired June 2004 as an Information Systems Technician, First Class Petty Officer
Thomas S. Faux, Class of 1945 - US Army 1945-1947, MP stationed in Paris France  
Francis (Frank) E. Ferguson, Class of 1960 - Gunnery sergeant, USMC (Ret). Served active duty Marine corps 1960 - 1980. Served in Japan, N.C. Camp Pendleton, Hawaii and two tours of duty in Vietnam.  
Robert O. Fetters, Class of 1954 - US Army  
Jacqueline Fry Brewer, Class of 1974 - PRCS(AW)  USN (Retired),   Served in the US Navy from 1974- 1995.  
Jim Fulmer, Class of 1973 - Served 6 years (1973 – 1979) in the United States Air Force.  
Gary Gagnon, Class of 1977 - USAF 1977-1998, Pease AFB, New Hampshire, Dover, De, Norton AFB, California, Rhein Main, Germany, and Gunter AB, Alabama.  
Steven Gawczynski, Sr, Class of 1964 - U.S. Navy - 20 yrs as Cryptologic Technician.
Also served as a Navy Recruiter for 10 yrs, for DE, PA, & MD areas.
Eugene Gentile, Class of 1954 - USMC  
Warren S. Glanden (Buss), Class of 1946 - U. S. Navy upon graduation in 1946 and was honorably discharged in 1948.  
Edward Gravatt, Class of 1960 - USAF, 1961 - 1969, Photographic Systems Repair, B-52 and F-105  
Dave Green, Class of 1971 - US Air Force Feb 1975 to Feb 1979 Stationed at the Pentagon for 4 years  
William R. Green, Class of 1949 - Sargent in the Korean War (and a football hero in the three years at Conrad)  
Lawrence Gregg, Class of 1942 - US Navy  
Ray Griffith, Class of 1973 - Enlisted USN Dec, 1973, Then selected for USNA Prep School and USNA. Grad of 1979 now retired at rank of Commander  
Jack Heatherton, Class of 1967 - USN  
James (Jim) E. Hedrick, Class of 1967 - US Army 1968 - 1971, stationed in Qui Nhon, Vietnam from Dec. 1968 - Dec. 1969, Discharged at the rank of Specialist E-5  
John F. Hughto, Class of 1967 - went right into the US Army and served in Vietnam.  
Robert Hutnyan, Class of 1974 - USMC 1976 – 1998
Crash Fire Rescue, Iwakuni, Japan 76-78, Drill Instructor, Parris Island, SC. 78-82, Aerial Navigator, C-130, El Toro, CA. 82-89
USMC Reserves 89-98
Bill Huxtable, Class of 1958 - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1964 - 1966  
Wayne Jackson, Class of 1964 - Bronze Star Awarded

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Jaci Johnson Hibshman, Class of 1974 - served in the Air Force, 1975-79.  
Barbara Jones Bertaccini, Class of 1973 - U.S. Army 1975 - 1978 - 703rd Maintenance Battalion, Kitzingen, Germany  
Bob Jones, Class of 1967 - USN - Enlisted under the buddy plan - October '67 - with Jack Heatherton, Hal Wilkins, Jerry Brown and Frank McCloud (R.I.P.)  
Donald E. Johnson, Class of 1964 - U.S Air Force, 1964-1968, E-4, served at Walker Air Force Base, Roswell, NM and Vandenberg Missile Base, Lompoc, CA  
William B. Joseph, Class of 1976 - Military service 1989-2005:
Stationed in Germany: 1st Bn 41st FA Rgmt, 2nd Sqdn 11th Armored Cav. Rgmt. (Blackhorse unit). Korea: three one year unaccompanied tours: 6th Bn. 37th FA Rgmt., 2nd Bn. 72 Armored Rgmt., and TANGO Security Force 8th Army. USA: Ft. Sill, OK.: 2Bn. 36th FA Rgmt., Ft. Bliss, TX.: 5th Bn. 62 ADA and 11th ADA, 1st Sqdn. 3rd ACR;Ft. Hood, TX.: 3rd Bn. 67 AR, 1st Bn. 66AR, and 4th FSB. Ft. Riley, KS.: 101st Forward Support Bn.. Ft. Drum, NY. 10th Mountain Division, his final duty station where he retired from. And also a member of the Delaware Army National Guard: 198th Sig. Bn.
Jim Kelley - Delaware Army National Guard - 116th ACSH/MASH, MOS 52 Charlie MUST Utility Pack, U.S Army Corp of Engineers 1980-86.  
Tom Kolasinski, Class of 1959 - US Army, 1963-1966.  
Catherine Kuhar Ortiz, Class of 1970 - served in the US Army from 1974-1981. Stationed in Geissen Germany and Fort Stewart Georgia  
Jean Kuhar Fogarty, Class of 1973 - enlisted US Army 74-76 Buddy System with Pat Brown class of 74. Stationed with the 101st Airborne Ft. Campbelll, KY  
Joe Lancello, (deceased), Class of 1964 - US Army - October 65 - October 67 - Basic (Ft. Gordon) - AIT (Commo), (Ft. Belvoir).
Vietnam - 1st Cavalry Division
Phil Lancello, Class of 1968 - US Navy 1970 -1974 USS John F; Kennedy CVA-67 Signalman 3rd Class PO. 1987 - 1989 Texas National Guard 112th Armor Div Spec 4 Tank Turret Mechanic  
Gary Laurenzi, Class of 1968 - US Army - Squad Leader - Stationed in Korea - 1968-1970  
Dick Lloyd, Class of 1948 - US Navy, 1951 - 1954, Korean War  
Jack Mahoney, Class of 1963 - Served three years in the US Army. Stationed in South Korea for one year during the USS Pueblo incident in 1968.  
John H. Maloney, Class of 1963 - USMC (65-71)  
James Manlove, Class of 1975 - USMC Oct 1975 - Nov 1995  
Joe Manlove, Class of 1977 - USN 1977-1997  
John Marianelli, Class of 1966 - US Navy, 1970 to 1974. USS Fanning, home port San Diego.  
Betsy Martin Archer, Class of 1975 - US Army from Feb 1976 to Sep 1979. I was a Sergeant and worked in Military Intelligence. I served in the 328 ASA Co. in Germany.  
John Martin, Class of 1962 - US Navy (62-64) – USS Newport News  
Frank McCloud, Class of 1967 - USN  
Andy McKay, Class of 1964 - Enlisted for three years in the U.S. Army, 1964-1967. Basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC, Finance School at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, IN, and the rest at Ft. Campbell, KY. I was disbursing specialist (payroll clerk) in the post finance office. Had a car on post my last year and was discharge as an E-5.  
Ken McLaughlin, Class of 1964 - US Army (66-68) - B Battery, 6th Bn., 10th Artillery, 35th Artillery Group, 7th Army, Bamburg, Germany. MOS 13A10 - 175MM Self Propelled Howitzer - “0” week - Ft. Jackson,MS - Basic - Ft. Gordon,GA - AIT - Ft. Sill,OK  
John L. McMinn, Class of 1963 - US Army (1965-1973).  Served in Vietnam 1963-1967.  
Gary Mensinger, Class of 1964 - US Army (65-68)  
Michael B. Miller, Class of 1959 - U.S.Army, Oct. 1966 - Oct. 1968, Ft. McNair, Washington, D. C., InterAmerican Defense College  
Joe (Earl) Mooney, Class of 1963 - Drafted into US Army. Boot camp,MP School at Ft Gordon, GA,. Then 19 months at Sandia Base, Albuquerque , NM. Not a bad way to spend time during the Vietnam war. Unfortunately too many funeral details in New Mexico.  
George Moore - Class of 19?? - U.S Navy, all over the world.  
Glenn Moore, Class of 1968 - USN Seabees 1970-72 class of 1968  
Bob Morris, Class of 1968 - US Army Oct 72-Sep 79. Two tours in Korea, 30 months with the Big Red One, Fort Riley, Kansas.  
William "Bill" Morris, Class of 1965 - Dog Handler in Vietnam, 1967-1968 - Pleiku Camp Holloway  
Allan Morsey, Class of 1964 – USMC (68-70)  
Bob Murray, Class of 1965 - US Army - Served as a reconnaissance scout with the 3rd squadron 4th Calvary, 25th Infantry Division Cu Chi Vietnam. My memoirs are written in the book "They Gave Blood Sweat and Tears" by Bill Hall. My last duty assignment was at FT. Dix NJ as a drill instructor and Training NCO 1967-68.
James W Neal, Class of 1965 - U.S.Army, 1965-1971 - Special Forces - 65' to 67', Okinawa, Japan. Ft. Jackson, S.C., Fort Gordon, GA., Fort Knox, KY., Served in Reserves, 68' - 71', Fort Lee, VA.  
Paul Neill, Class of 1962 - US Army, 1964-1967  
Ronnie E. Nichols, Class of 1963 - Sgt USArmy 1963-66, 8th Armor Division Europe
Ronald Sheridan Ober, Class of 1958 - US Army, 1975-1979, Germany.  
Fred Parkinson, Class of 1964 - U.S. Navy 1964 - 1967. U.S.S. Harry E Yarnell DLG17  
Jack Quinn, Class of 1951 - US Navy  
Mary Lou (Snookie) Quinn Rhoads, Class of 1971 - proudly served 8 years in the Delaware National guard  
Ralph A. Randow, Class of 1975 - US Army (retired) 1975 - 1995  
Linda Rash, Class of 1967 - Served in the US Navy  
Jerry A. Reamer, Class of 1965 - US Air Force  
William Reign, Class of 1943 - I served in the US Navy from Aug 1943 to May 1946.  
Bill Reinike, Class of 1965 - U.S. Army from 1965 – 1969.  I served in Korea for 20 months (2/66 through 10/67), where I attained the rank of sergeant.  
Monica Richardson, Class of 1964 - USAF Nurse Corp, Sept 1971 to Jan 1984.
Schools: Flight Nurse and OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner.
Stationed: New Mexico; Spain; South Dakota; Florida; Guam; and New York.
Richard W. Roberts, Class of 1975 - 3rd Mate, SS Electric Marine, deceased February 12, 1983 when his boat sank.

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Harry A. Rogerson, Class of 1960 - US Army, September 1961- September 1964. HAWK Missile Maintenance Tech, Specialist E-5 (Oct. 1963)
> Ft. Jackson, SC, for Basic Training, then:
> Ft Bliss, El Paso, TX, Air Defense School, Advanced Missile Training (61-62)
> Ft Meade, MD, 8th Msl Bn (HAWK), 7th Arty (62-63)
> 8th Army, S. Korea, 7th Msl Bn (HAWK), 5th Arty (63-64).
I enlisted with two other Conradians under the "Buddy System" (Tom Abbott and Clay Will (deceased), both Class of 1961). But then, we each went into different fields of advanced training.

With the DMZ beyond the mountains behind us, I'm with fellow S. Korean soldier, Kim (1964).
John C. Rogerson, Class of 1966 - US Army, Ft. Bliss, El Paso, TX  
Kevin Russell, Class of 1970 - USAF, 1970-1974; USMC 1976-1994; Retired from Marines July 1994  
Andrew Seutter, Class of 1947 - US Air Force; Air National Guard of Delaware  
Bruce Short, Class of 1976 - US Army, 1980-1999. Transportation Corp, Drill SERGEANT, 1986-1989. Motor Transport I Instructor. 1989-1992. US Army border patrol, GERMANY 1992-1994. Transportation, 180th Transportation Bn, 1994-1997, Ft. Hood, Texas
Gary Singer, Class of 1971 - U.S. Navy 1971-1975, USS Charleston Machinist's Mate
Army National Guard - 1986-2012, 287th Army Band
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, 2014 to present
Clara Simpers Tinker, Class of 1973 - Delaware Army National Guard - 1977-1997 - 20 years and 1 month.
If my son (Alex) continues his service after his active duty committment - he will be a third generation family member (so far that's his plan). Service members include: 1st generation - my Dad (WWII and DE ARNG - combined 39 years); 2nd generation includes my brothers Ed (class of 1962) and Buck (class of 1965)
Edward Simpers, Class of 1962 - regular Army veteran but killed during a Guard training exercise in 1969  
Ralph W. Simpers (Buck), Class of 1965 - served 6 years in DE ARNG during VietNam Era  
Tom Skelly, Class of 1964 - UD in 1968 - US Army 68-70 - Basic (Ft. Bragg, NC) - Infantry School (Ft. Polk, LA) - Vietnam (1st Cavalry Division) - spent year in jungle as machine gunner/squad leader - 5th Mechanized Division (FT. Carson, CO)
Waiting to go out on patrol - sitting with NVA prisoner
Doug Snyder, Class of 1967 - 14 years Del Air Guard  
John Stephens, Class of 1958 - US Air Force 1961 - 1965. Strategic Air Command (SAC)  
Paul Stratton, Class of 1966 - Retired SFC Infantry and Army Aviation Company Operation NCO. Delaware and Maryland National Guard from 1970 to 1996.  
Dr. Robert Symons, DO, Class of 1966 - Captain, United States Army Medical Corp 1972-1980.  
Ed Talarowski, Class of 1973 - USN, Dec 1974 – 1980 – 1st Class Petty Officer Stationed at Mare Island CA as Data Systems instructor and served on destroyer USS Dahlgren Dec 1979 to Dec 1980  
William E. Taylor, Class of 1962 - USNA Class of 1966 - US Navy (62-69) - Missile Officer, USS Long Beach, CGN-9, Vietnam (68)  
Warren E. (Bud) Taylor, Class of 1964 - U.S. Army, Spec 4, helicopter crewman '68-'72.  
William F. (Bill) Taylor, Class of 1963 - U.S. Air Force, Capt, pilot, Aircraft Commander, Flight Commander '68-'74.  
Ronald Tennant, Class of 1964 - USMC 1966 to 1969. Served in Vietnam 1967, Dong Ha, Marine Combat Water Survival Instructor, 1968  
Cathy A. Timko, Class of 1968 - US Army, Women Army Corp, in 1968.
1968 -1969 served at Ft. McCellan, AL; Ft. Gordon, GA & White Sands Missle Range, New Mexico.
1969-1971, assigned to Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe / Belgium.
1971-1973, last stop, Ft. Meade, MD
Paul W. Torre, Class of 1959 - U S Air Force, 1957 to 1961  
Michael Joseph Touchton, Class of 1975 - U S Navy 1975 - 1979.  
Ron Trzcinski, Class of 1964 - US Army, 1966-1968, Drill Instructor E-5, Special Training Company, Fort Dix, NJ  
Cortland Warrington, Class of 1951 - Army National guard - 1952-1960  
Rich Watts, Class of 1976 - US Army, 1976 to 1981  
Coleman White, Class of 1965 - US Army, 1969 to 1971. 1stLt, Infantry. Service included tour in Vietnam:
1970-1971, Infantry platoon leader and
Recon team leader with 196th Light Infantry Brigade; 4th Bn/31st Inf, 23rd Inf Division (Americal).
Hal Wilkins, Class of 1967 - USN  
Clay Will (deceased), Class of 1961 - US Army, 1961-1964, Cryptologist, E-5
Dick Williams, Class of 1959 - US Navy, retired.
Enlisted as a Cryptologic Technician and subsequently went to Russian language school at the Army Language School in Monterey, CA. Did an add on in Turkish. Served 24 years in intelligence collection, processing and analysis on airborne and submarine platforms. Duty stations included Turkey, Florida, Japan (11 years) and San Angelo, Texas where I taught Russian for 3 years to new military linguists. Retired as a Chief Warrant Officer.
Winnington, William Paul, Jr. - Class of 1948, did not graduate
Killed while serving in Korean War, 12/7/1950.
James Woolard, Class of 1959 - Army Military Police 1962-1965  
Charles Wortham, Class of 1968
A Co. 2/3 199th LIB Vietnam 1969-70
D Co 1/3 MDW 1970-71
I was an RTO in Vietnam. I had my choice of an M-6o machine-gun or a PRC 25 radio. I’ve always been kind of chatty, I took the radio. When I came home I was assigned to the “Honor Guard” at Ft. Myers where I helped honor veterans who passed away. My platoon were pall bearers who also folded and presented the flag to the family.
Leonard E. Zimmerman, Class of 1960 - US Air Force, 1960-1964, Equipment Maintenance Tech.  


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